Time Saving Tip: Use a “ weed and feed” treatment on the lawn. The weedkiller and fertilizer are combined in one application. 
Money Saving Tip: Use twigs off trees, especially birch as support for peas and herbaceous plants. 
Dig a deep trench for sweet pea plants. Line the base with newspaper to help hold water and backfill with a mixture of soil and moisture retentive compost. 
Remove any growths which appear on the stems of standard roses below the grafted head. Cut them as close to the main stem as possible.
Rake the lawn with a wire rake before cutting the grass. Any runners of buttercup and clover will be raised and cut off reducing the rate of spread.
Where bindweed is a problem among shrubs insert canes. The weed will grow up the canes where it can be sprayed with weedkiller without damaging the Old hedges are a constant source of weeds. Dig a trench 18 inches (45 cm ) deep in front of the hedge and line it with polythene to stop the weed roots spreading out into the garden.

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